Salvador Dalí (1904 — 1989)

The artist's mother, oil on canvas, 1920, private collection

 Ana Maria, oil on canvas, 1924, private collection

 Girl in a landscape, oil on canvas, 1924-1926, private collection

Maria Carbona, oil on cardboard, 1925, Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada

Nude in the water, oil on canvas, 1925, private collection

Galarina, oil on canvas, 1945, Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation, Figueras, Spain

The apparitions of the visions of Gala, 1945, private collection

Lada actomica, oil on canvas, 1945-47, Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation, Figueras, Spain

Face of Mae West wich may be used as an apartment, oil on canvas, 1935, private collection

 Isabel Styler-Tas, oil on canvas, 1945, private collection

Mary Sigall, oil on canvas, 1948, privat ecollection

 Automatic beginning of a portrait of Gala (unfinished), oil on canvas, 1932, private collection

L'Etoile, Oil on canvas, undated, private collection

 Gala as Madonna of Port Lligat, guache, pencil and photography on cardboard, 1950, privatte collection

Galla against the light, oil on wood, 1965, National Art Centre Queen Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain

Virgo, gouache, 1964, private collection

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