Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796 - 1875)

 Standing italian woman from Albano in festive costume, oil on paper, 1826-27, Langmatt Museum, Zurich, Switzerland

  Claire Sennegon, oil on canvas, 1837, Louvre Museum, Paris, França

   Standing Woman, oil on canvas, 1840-50, private collection

  Woman in a toque, with a mandolin, oil on canvas, 1850-55, private collection

 Girl readingoil on canvas, 1855-61, private collection

    Woman with a pearl, oil on canvas, 1858-68, Louvre Museum, Paris, França

  Woman in velvet skirt reading, oil on canvas, 1868, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA

  The greek girl, oil on canvas, 1870, Shelburne Museum, USA

  Sibylle, pastel on paper, 1870-71, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA

  Algerian woman, oil on canvas, 1870-73, Fondation Rau pour le Tiers-Monde, France

Mademoiselle Foudrasoil on canvas, 1872, Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland

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